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Live Stronger for Longer

Set up 2024 for success with our 10 day challenge!

Create yourself a customized health routine for body, mind, and beyond through coaching, yoga, and peer support.

Benefits to the 10 Day Challenge

10 consecutive days of professional group coaching, yoga sessions and peer support crafts you a concise health routine.

You get the blueprints, the tools and the support you need to succeed!


*All details including itinerary, session length, and start times provided upon sign up!

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Led by Spencer Harber,
Master Coach and Yoga Teacher

  • Expert Health & Wellness Coach & Yoga Instructor: Specializing in guiding men to transformative health and wellness.

  • Master's Degree & National Board Certification: Deeply educated and certified in health & wellness coaching, focusing on the science of change.

  • Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher: Leveraging the strength of yoga to enhance physical and mental well-being, focusing on strength, endurance, and flexibility.

  • Change Facilitator: Skilled in guiding men out of entrenched mental habits into successful, healthier mindsets.

  • Integrating Coaching & Yoga: Utilizing a unique combination of coaching and yoga to create 'ah ha' moments, fostering a new, more efficient 'operating system' for body and mind.

  • Personal Transformation Expert: Drawing from my own transformative journey, committed to helping men redefine and achieve their wellness goals.

  • Visionary: Dedicated to creating a world where every man, irrespective of age or background, can access the tools to live their best life and embrace change.

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Are you ready to create your health routine and enjoy success for 2024? 

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